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Daily Edition • May 28, 2024


Peregrine falcons, once at risk of endangerment, are making a comeback in the U.S. and the U.K. Four chicks born in England earlier this spring are evidence of that — and you can help name them. The Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is asking the public to submit name suggestions for the young animals and will announce the winners June 8. The organization also set up wildlife cams for the peregrine chicks, so you can tune in while we await the naming results.

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A Rare “Planet Parade” Is Right Around the Corner: Here’s What to Know

What a year it’s already been for celestial sightings. Between the total solar eclipse and the stunning aurora borealis displays, there have been many dazzling events reminding us to look up lately. Now, we’re less than a week away from another rare cosmic spectacle: a “planet parade.”

On June 3, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn (in that order) will line up in the sky. Per The Telegraph, an alignment of three or four planets is “fairly common,” but six planets aligning occurs less frequently.

For those interested in catching the show, the alignment will be clearest around 20 minutes before sunrise on Monday morning, and binoculars or a telescope are recommended for optimal viewing, according to Newsweek. However, if you sleep through your alarm, the planetary parade will likely still be visible for a few more days.

And although it isn’t expected to be as dramatic as other 2024 displays, we’re believers that any event that gets us out of bed to admire the heavens is a good one. Get all the details about the planet parade.

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This Immersive, Multicultural Program Is Empowering Young Changemakers

An immersive learning nonprofit is equipping young people with the knowledge and tools needed to effect positive change in the world — while also promoting personal growth and self-discovery.

With a curriculum centered on human rights, Tilting Futures invites high school graduates ages 17-21 to Cape Town, South Africa, for four months to participate in the organization’s flagship program: Take Action Lab. Students from around the globe bunk together, apprentice with local leaders, and learn how to apply their passions to real-world problems.

“But the real magic is how this type of learning transforms how a young person sees themselves, the world around them, and their ability to be an agent for change,” CEO Erin Lewellen tells Nice News. She added that Take Action Lab helps participants build skills that can’t always be developed in traditional classroom settings, like self-awareness and cross-cultural communication.

And she’s got data to back that up. Working with researchers from Harvard’s Human Flourishing Program, the nonprofit found that by the end of four months, “100% of students felt that living and working in a diverse society was now a strength of theirs, 98% could better relate across cultural differences, and 96% felt more hopeful about the future of the world.” Take Action Lab is now accepting applications for 2025.


Radio Caroline: The 60-Year-Old Radio Station That Brought Pop to the UK

Radio Caroline, founded in 1964, is a pirate station — but we don’t mean its broadcasters wear eye patches or go pillaging at sea. Rather, the storied channel was created to bring popular music to U.K. airwaves, circumventing the BBC’s radio monopoly by operating from a ship anchored in international waters.

“Back in the ’60s, kids in America had a wealth of radio stations to listen to,” British broadcaster and author Ray Clark told ABC News. “Here in the U.K., we had one, the BBC, and they hadn't discovered The Beatles. We needed Radio Caroline, from a ship three miles off the coast, to hear that pop music that we craved for.

Just three years after the station was created by Irish businessman Ronan O’Rahilly, the British government passed the Marine Offences Act to stop pirates from broadcasting. True to its spirit, Radio Caroline didn’t quiet down. It faced many an obstacle after that, but remains running — and beloved — today (though it now operates legally from land).

“Sixty years is a good long innings, but it’s also an opportunity to remind people that that the station is still on the air, we’re one of the few broadcasters still using AM, and we’ve managed to broaden the appeal of the radio station quite a lot over the last few years,” said DJ Kevin Turner. Listen to Radio Caroline.

In Other News

  1. Scientists created a recipe for zero-emission “electric concrete,” which could be a gamechanger for greener construction.
  2. A 130,000-year-old bear bone with markings may be one of the oldest known pieces of Neanderthal art.
  3. In a new study, researchers uncovered over 200,000 new gene transcripts in the developing human brain — a discovery that could potentially improve treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.
  4. Two teens won $50,000 for creating a pen-sized device that removes microplastics from water via ultrasonic waves.
  5. Gertrude, a 70-year-old flamingo once described as “unlucky in love,” laid her first egg at a nature reserve in England.

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Painting with a purpose

After Charlie French was diagnosed with Down syndrome regression disorder as a teenager, he found solace in painting. Now in his early thirties, French is a professional artist, garnering a roster of big name clients — like the Texas Rangers, Crayola, and Michaels craft stores — and offering words of wisdom along the way. “My best advice is that people should let go and be free, free to do what feels good and makes you happy,” he said. See his colorful paintings.

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A wildlife park in England recently welcomed two adorable lion cubs. “These little bundles of joy are now 8 weeks old and absolutely irresistible,” Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve wrote in a social media post alongside a series of photos of the big cat siblings.

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